A Sample of SAGA

Yesterday I enjoyed attending Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 in Ealing, West London, organised by the inestimable Jon Green and company. Fantastic! Books were sold, signed and shared.

I also distributed around 50 copies of a sample sheet for my upcoming project, in partnership with Spidermind Games, and already there have been requests to see it from others who weren’t able to attend. So, without further ado, click here to download a sample sheet of SAGA and get a taste of what awaits.

I have a new page for the project here on martinbarnabusnoutch.com, which will host static information, while I’ll continue to write blogs about the writing process here, as I used to during Steam Highwayman III. And don’t worry, I’ll also update from time to time about the progress of the next three Steam Highwayman books: they’re far from abandoned. Our family trip to Devon earlier in the summer particularly got me thinking about some more content for Princes of the West.

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  1. Couple things:
    1) Your “sub-page” link doesn’t work
    2) In the SAGA system are we expected to hand copy out our saga as we go? That’s an awful lot of manual effort, and makes it very hard to do the classic thing of changing your mind and going a different way. Seems like an impediment to play, even though there’s a certain style to is.

    1. Thanks Michael. Let’s see about that link. Sorry!

      The saga system:
      1) If you want to spend the time writing out the long saga, because you quite like the “certain style”, then you can. This is how it was originally imagined, BUT then I thought just like you…
      2) So each fragment of Saga will have a runic code to accompany it – just two runes – that can be checked off on a grid. This should be a lot quicker to check 🙂

      I mean, that said, I really like the idea of writing out the long saga, adding extra bits to it and then reciting it to very nerdy friends at meetups. 🙂

      1. That sounds like the equivalent of “let me tell you about my D&D character”!

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