Steam Highwayman

Three books… one adventure

An open-world, solo role-playing gamebook, set in an alternate, steam powered England that never was. Rob the rich… give to the poor… steam off into the night.

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Download a completely free, 100-passage sample of Smog and Ambuscade to see the nobility quiver in fear and hear the woods resound to the roar of your velosteam.

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Steam Highwayman is a series of interlinked gamebooks, each volume covering a different region of an alternate 19th century England or Wales. You can choose when to travel from region to region, simply by following the references within the books, tracking your adventure on the Adventure Sheet included in each volume or in the Reader’s Companion downloaded from this site.

Volume I:
Smog & Ambuscade

The woods and villages resound to the roar of a powerful Ferguson velosteam: a ruthless outlaw terrifies the rich, comforts the poor and challenges the Constables.

Join the Compact for Workers’ Equality, if you care. Infiltrate the Haulage Guild, if you dare. Obtain an invitation to the Cliveden Ball and compete with racing drivers in the Spenser Cup.

Volume II:
Highways and Holloways

Nowhere is safe from the sudden assault of the Steam Highwayman: the airship crews of the Atmospheric Union have been robbed and one of their airships has been hijacked. The nobility of Henley, Wallingford and Reading quake in fear – are their grand houses the next to be set aflame?

Discover the secrets of Valentine Wood and meet the infamous Captain Coke face-to-face.

Volume III:
The Reeking Metropolis

The Steam Highwayman comes to the Imperial Capital of London! Reform or revolution? Engage in the intrigues of court, duel with Members of Parliament and speed the revolution. Fund an orphanage by robbing the pockets of the wealthy, find work down the sewers, mix with mudlarks and chimney sweeps and the King’s own mistress.

Three more volumes in the series are planned: Steam Highwayman IV: Princes of the West will take the reader to Cornwall and the West Country; Steam Highwayman V: Dark Vales and Dark Hearts will visit the mysterious land of Wales; and Steam Highwayman VI: The Great North Road will lead our hero up the long route to York in the depths of winter.