Reader’s Companion

Keen to play through your copies of Steam Highwayman again, but don’t want to rub out all the ticks in the boxes?  Or excited to start your adventure for the first time, but determined to keep those pages pristine?

Fear not!  Download and print this Reader’s Companion for Smog and AmbuscadeHighways and Holloways, and The Reeking Metropolis.  With this 14-page tracker, your adventure can be recorded entirely separately from the books, leaving them for simultaneous play for a friend, or put aside and saved until you have more time to devote to the saddle of your trusty Ferguson velosteam.  It contains:

  • complete updated adventure sheets, containing possession lists, stat trackers and velosteam records.
  • possession boxes for volumes I-III, so that your stashes of equipment can all be seen at a glance, no matter where you left them
  • gameplay boxes for crucial passages in The Reeking Metropolis, including a Revolutionary Checklist and a Parliamentary Swingometer
  • every tickbox from volumes I-III
  • a complete codeword chart for Smog and AmbuscadeHighways and Holloways, and The Reeking Metropolis

Print it all or print your favoured page – that’s your adventure.  Why not share your stats and a tale of your adventures  on the Steam Highwayman facebook page?

If you’re looking for printed maps to accompany your books, have a look at the Gormley-Watt Velosteamer’s Touring Guide, complete with maps for Smog and AmbuscadeHighways and Holloways, and The Reeking Metropolis.