The Gamebook Renaissance

There’s a bit of a gamebook renaissance going on right now. Independent authors are making the most of print-on-demand services to affordably publish their work and a steadily-increasing range of new gamebooks are being offered to the interactive reader.

As an independent gamebook author, I’m part of a loose group called the Gamebook Author’s Guild. So let me introduce you to some of the others in the guild: perhaps you’ll find something else to your taste.

Click Your Poison

By James Schannep

A range of story-rich choice-driven adventures in many genres

Spied, Murdered, Marooned

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Sam Isaacson

Carefully-crafted gameplay with complex worlds

The Entram Epic, Portsrood Forest

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Literally Immersive

By Jam Hirons

New directions from a long-term gamebook fan

Pneuma, First Year at High School

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Destiny’s Role

By Mark Lain

Fantasy and experimental gamebooks from a super-fan

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Spidermind Games

by Oliver Hulme

Open-world adventure series with ambitious scope

Legendary Kingdoms

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Great Literature Gamebooks

By Kurosh Shadmand

Highly recommended

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Destiny Quest

by Michael J Ward

Fantasy series with inter-linked adventure: semi open-world; acclaimed

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Ace Gamebooks

by Jon Green

Veteran author still breaking new ground

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Victoria Hancox

Horror gamebooks with innovative mechanics and atmosphere

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Usborne Adventure Gamebooks

by Simon Tudhope et al

Mainstream publisher producing new child-focussed gamebooks

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by Swen Harder

Innovative gamebooks on cult themes

Rider of the Black Sun, Metal Heroes: The Fate of Rock

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Hari Conner

A breakthrough, child-friendly fantasy gamebook author

Into the Dungeon, Into the Tower

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Demian Katz

For a more complete overview of recent gamebook publications, do take a look at the exhaustive and very-well-maintained Demian Katz’s Gamebook Web Page, running since 1998.

The Instadeath Survivor’s Support Group

By Brian Hazzard

The first gamebook-oriented podcast. Interviews with authors and producers, playthroughs and news.

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