Saga is an open-world gamebook series project by Martin Barnabus Noutch, author of Steam Highwayman, and Spidermind Games. A solo-roleplaying experience based on historic adventures of the people we know as the Vikings, you will be able to explore the Viking world from Vinland to Constantinople, leading a fellowship of memorable characters, fighting battles, out-witting your foes, prospering your home settlement and creating a great saga.

Download a free sample of the gamebook here!

Key moments of your adventure are accompanied by new lines to add to your saga: recording these, or the runic keys that identify them, will allow you to tell your tale when feasting or boasting. Conditions within the gamebook depend upon your past deeds, so that your greatness as a Jarl truly depends on what your Saga tells.

The series will comprise of four gamebooks, allowing you to explore the seas and islands around Britain, Iceland, Greenland and Vinland, the coast of Europe all the way to the Mediterranean and the rivers of Russia.

Will you be a warrior or a canny explorer? Will you sail with Thord, the wild beserker, or Hoskuld, the wise elder? Will you serve Thor or Njord, or hearken to the words of the new God of the Christians? Will your people starve and dwindle, or grow rich on the plunder of the West? Will you build a great longship and challenge Kings, or travel far overland with a faithful company? Will you fall in a great battle, sail to the ends of the earth or amass great wealth for your people? What will your Saga tell?

Enough! By the blood of the frost giants, sign me up to hear more!

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