The Highwayman’s Hamper

Smog & Ambuscade

Volume I of Steam Highwayman. Explore the woods and villages near Marlow, rob highway travellers in Maidenhead Thicket, race steam cars for a wealthy patron or encounter a mysterious lady at Cliveden ball.

£18 +£5 pnp

“You’d better sign my copy.”

Sir Ian Livingstone

Highways & Holloways

Volume II of Steam Highwayman. Seek out and capture the airship pirate, Captain Coke, or join with him to plunder the Guilds… Rise through society to join the gentry and beat them at their own games of croquet…

£20 +£5 pnp

“Top-notch work.”

Dave Morris

The Reeking Metropolis

Volume III of Steam Highwayman. Duel Members of Parliament, steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London, employ a gang of street urchins, befriend an elephant or sponsor an orphanage.

£20 +£5 pnp

“You need to pick up Steam Highwayman.”

Jonathan Green

Touring Guide and Dice

Three A2 colour maps to accompany Volumes I-III, presented in a case with notes on pubs, routes and locations featured in the books, bundled with 2 custom engraved 14mm D6.

£15 +£5 pnp


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The Library

Volumes I – III of Steam Highwayman. Explore more than 4000 passages of adventure, cross-volume quests, encounters and stories.

£45 +£5 pnp

The Collection

All three Volumes of Steam Highwayman, Touring Guide and custom dice.

£55 +£10 pnp

Smog & Ambuscade Demo

100 passages of Smog & Ambuscade, free to download and play. Try before you buy!


Player’s Companion

Printable Character sheets, codeword tables, beer notes and possession boxes to accompany Volumes I-III.


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