The Reeking Metropolis

The Reeking Metropolis is the third volume of the Steam Highwayman adventure.  Take to the streets of London and see what the city hides beneath her skirts of fog and smoke!

The Reeking Metropolis has its own challenges to a steampunk outlaw like yourself.  Never far from the Constables, you are surrounded by the mechanisms of power, the mighty Guilds, omnipresent poverty and inequality. There are fortunes to be made and lost: the stakes have never been higher for the Steam Highwayman. Perhaps your actions will be the spark that light the powder keg of the waiting revolution?

The book is illustrated by the legend of fantasy penmanship, Russ Nicholson and has a fantastic, moody cover by Piotr Jamroz.

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You can download a copy of the player’s companion, featuring printable versions of tickboxes, codeword sheets, adventure sheets and more, for Smog and Ambuscade, Highways and Holloways and The Reeking Metropolis here.

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