Teo’s Timing by Cheryl Adamos Noutch

I have had the privilege of editing and publishing my wife’s first book, Teo’s Timing. This is the story of the birth of our daughter, Teodora, in May 2019 and the challenges that came with her. It wasn’t what we expected!

You wanted the perfect birth story…

God gave you His perfect plan.

The book is honest, brave and encouraging and I’m incredibly proud of Cheryl writing it, as well as proud of her going through everything she writes about, as well as doing all the hard work to get it finished and ready to go out into the world! She wrote the book back in 2020 when Teodora was around eighteen months old and it’s taken us until now to get it to a stage that she is happy with. Cheryl even designed the cover!

This isn’t a book that promises that if you follow Jesus, everything will be easy. But it is Cheryl’s true story of how her faith grew through the difficulty of an emergency caesarean section and a premature birth, and it is the story of God’s promise to be with those who love him, no matter the circumstances. And it is my story too, as Teodora’s father and Cheryl’s husband, although I didn’t write it.

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
    I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.”

Psalm 91.14

Teo’s Timing is on sale direct through Martin and Cheryl, through your local bookshop (you may have to ask for it and collect it later, which should result in two visits and thus encourage their owners) or through Amazon. You can contact us using the form below if you’d like to order a copy that way.

How the Wheels Turn…

My next update for the Steam Highwayman III: The Reeking Metropolis has gone live on Kickstarter, and it looks like it will be almost the last.  Over the last eighteen months, I’ve been regularly updating my backers on the progress of the project.  Now, I’ll only need to update individuals, as a large proportion of backers already have their rewards in their hands and the vast majority are shipped and on their way.  What a lot has changed in those eighteen months!

There’s also been a great deal of change for gamebooks in that time.  Brian Hazzard’s excellent Instadeath Survivor’s Support Group podcast has appeared, providing the gamebook community with interviews and playthroughs, Alba and Legendary Kingdoms have been the two most successful gamebook Kickstarters ever (I can give them that, even if some of their other statistics are up for debate!) and countless individual titles have been released by independent authors.  There are entirely new gamebook authoring careers blossoming, like Kurosh Shadmand’s – who you can find featured as Lord Hadrian Beaufort in a duel atop the Monument in The Reeking Metropolis, courtesy of Russ Nicholson.

But as for me, I’m keen to get Steam Highwayman III fully fulfilled.  I’ll then spend a little more time working on this website – so watch out for some changes – and do some preparation of marketing materials.  Then I’ll be releasing The Reeking Metropolis for general sale.  I’m currently helping my wife prepare a book of her own for publication – I’ll certainly write more about that here – and I have a couple of stories I would like to write without the pressure of delivering them to an audience.

Oh, and there’s the app coming.