Steam Highwayman App

Steam Highwayman: Smog and Ambuscade is now available as a mobile app on for iOS and Android!

The app is a direct adaptation of the print book, available on android and apple devices, enlivened with new graphics and music.  It features a player-friendly inventory, money and dice systems and allow you to explore Steam Highwayman country on the bus, sat on a bench or under the table during a boring meeting.  In fact, wherever you have your phone, you’ll be able to rob the rich, give to the poor and steam off into the night!

YOU are the Steam Highwayman!

Who have developed the app?

Cubus Games, from Barcelona.  Take a look at their previous work if you’re interested in seeing what they’re capable of.  I recommend Necklace of Skulls particularly.

Music for the app is being written by Ramon Sole.

Cubus are also developing their own take on the appearance of the world of Steam Highwayman,

If the app is successful, it may prove possible to adapt further volumes of Steam Highwayman to create a seamless digital experience. Watch this space!