Steam Highwayman III Kickstarter Campaign Announcement

At last! Steam pressure is up, tyres are checked and the velosteam is prepared for the Steam Highwayman’s third adventure, Steam Highwayman III: The Reeking Metropolis. The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the illustration and publication will run from 7pm (GMT), Thursday 23rd January 2020, until Saturday 22nd February.

Over the next month, I’ll be revealing more about the campaign, including:

There’s plenty of time to have your say about what you’d like to see in the upcoming book, as I’m still writing it, as well as sharing your ideas about the Kickstarter itself.

So put the 23rd of January in your calendar – I can’t wait to share more of the project with you!

Want to find out more about what’s in Steam Highwayman III: The Reeking Metropolis? Head over to the dedicated page.

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Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts
2 years ago

Can’t wait Martin! It’s going to be great

Just as a reminder to everyone else, I’ve called dibs on being backer no. 1. Thanks!

Gaetano Abbondanza
Gaetano Abbondanza
2 years ago

This is great news Martin! I’m on record as having posted a rather critical review of SH 1 on the Gamebook News website. I wish the site administrator had gotten around to reviewing SH 2, because I would have followed up with comments that I found SH 2 to be a big improvement! The adventure felt much more streamlined, and I also appreciated the differentiation between different types of items and the resulting adjustment in carrying capacity. The Readers’s Companion was also a great help (perhaps you could design one for book 1??) A few constructive criticisms as I look… Read more »

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