SAGA 650

The messenger smiles.  “And to you he gives this sign of his bond.”  He takes a fine carnelian ring , the prize of some ancient upriver raid, and fits it upon your hand.  “Know that he has a care that your folk prosper.  Olaf will call upon his jarls to take spear and fight, soon enough.  So strengthen yourself and your folk.  Prepare weapons and ships: he means to cross the sea and fight the Bretland Kings, proving his might and his claim there also.” You host the traveller for three days.  In that time, you must slaughter for him a cow or two pigs or lose 5 DOMR.  Turn to 330.

Olaf was King of Norway around 1000AD, which is (very loosely) when SAGA takes place – although I’m allowing the reader to participate in events from about 780-1200.

My current headteacher is also called Olaf, but I am not about to fight in his invasion of Britain.