Couldn’t Get to Manticon…

This made my day.  Over on the facebook Fabled Lands page, Dave Morris posted a link to two videos taken at MantiCon, the German role-playing and fantasy convention, earlier this summer.  The first features Jamie Thomson and Paul Mason and Dave discussing role-playing games and it’s jolly interesting.  The second, embedded below, is a longer video in which they discuss the various gamebooks they have written and even some more recent ones they have read.

Including, at 1:11:49 onwards, Mr Morris’s interesting response to Steam Highwayman.

[Steam Highwayman]is very rich and I look at something like that and think, it’s great because it’s obviously based on Fabled Lands… but now I can learn from him.

The rest of the discussion is very interesting to a gamebook enthusiast and includes some great anecdotes of the golden age (the first golden age?) of gamebooks.  If you end up having a listen, let me know what you think.

‘Noutch’ isn’t a common surname by any measurement, so I won’t bother him for rhyming it with ‘pooch’ instead of ‘pouch’.

2 Replies to “Couldn’t Get to Manticon…”

  1. Both videos were excellent. All three genuinely have something interesting (or amusing) to share, and they clearly have a lot of history (and importance) in the role-playing and gamebook genres. Always enjoy reading Dave’s articles and comments on the FL blog, so it was great to actually see him talking so thoughtfully here.

    1. Likewise, I really enjoyed both vids. I haven’t read everything on the FL blog – there’s absolutely massses of content on there – but enjoy trawling through every now and then.

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