Steam Highwayman – The Despolation of Christmas Common

I’ve just completed the first of several ‘Robin Hood’ style adventures in Steam Highwayman – prevent the strip-mining and destruction of a poor Chiltern village by challenging the Regional director of the all-powerful Coal Board.  Your response can be variously ruthless, and variously successful, which may lead to trailing consequences.

I’m planning for this to be one of 6 possible beginnings to Steam Highwayman, allowing you to enter the world in a different physical location, with a slightly different allegiance and with a different ‘base’ – all of which you should be able to change in time.  However, for my planned demo, this will be the first adventure, which is why I’m not publishing it here as a playthrough.

The experience of siding with the villagers against the corporation should give you an on-going set of missions: when people realise that you are wanted by the Coal Board, or at least willing to act against them, shady characters will offer you missions and the local priest may take an interest.  Will it result in an emergent plot?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.