Freedom and a Light Heart

Our mind seems to be directly connected to our heart and our emotions.  I’ve noticed that to put something in your heart, you only need to think about it seriously – but that once something is embedded there, it is a lot harder to remove!  For example, simply to fantasise about having a certain sort of house or garden is a quick way to set your heart on a worldly treasure, and I’m constantly finding things which I’m surprised to find I have a strong attachment to – even though some are really very long shots!

Yet to release something from my heart, if I do what I planned and complete the dream, I find I’ve lost the burden that I hold myself to.  Consequently I have these two conclusions:

Guard your heart by preventing yourself from dreaming about or planning to do things that you cannot be sure are right.

When you have decided that something is right, do it as soon as possible!  By keeping short accounts, perhaps you can keep a light heart?

This feels right in my spirit, and I’ve been doing my best to do this before God in the past year.  There’s a big backlog of things I once set my heart on though – some of which I’m letting go of, and some of which I’m pressing on to complete the best I can.  Will I ever be free of the obligations I set myself?  Maybe not in this life…  But come the glorious day of my resurrection, I know I’ll enjoy the completeness of the freedom I’m beginning to see now!


Unwounded by words, the body of quiet swells,

Absorbs my breathed-out thought and inwardly tells

Me to ‘Recall that past promise.’  Distance

From what I once said begets a silence.


Now I am stilled by the weight of rest,

My free spirit mentions matters unconfessed

And in clarity born of sore conscience,

See how sorrow always begets a silence.


But with no clamour, remedy speaks next,

That offered hand, to give me when perplexed

A release from the curse of self-reliance

And thankfulness too begets a silence.


Take me into this quiet, where heart touches heart

And my words and my working all fall apart

And I know the true truth of the Spirit’s alliance

And awe, rediscovered, begets a silence.