Steam Highwayman Corrections

First Edition Errata and Corrections

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Passage Error Correction Thanks to:
Introduction: Solidarity Points Should you gain 20 or more Solidarity Points Should you gain 50 or more Solidarity Points Robert Langston
34 Leave the Refectory…  34 Remove option – you can leave with the other choices Jemimah Reid
204 Ride away… 364 Ride away… 662  
287 Ride away… 364 Ride away… 662  
304 Ride downhill towards Marlow… 211 Ride downhill towards Marlow… 4



Joshua Abramsky
384 Return to the Parlour…  394 Return to the Parlour…  265 James Spearing / Jemimah reid
588 Await road traffic here…   729 Remove option – wait as long as you like, but nothing will pass Jemimah Reid
594 Boyn Hill… 807 Boyn Hill… (Abstruse) 113 Joshua Abramsky
597 Score 2-5


Score 6-12

Score 1-2


Score 3-4

Jemimah Reid
612 Ride south…        492 Ride south…                   429 Victor Matt
644 remove the ticks from your account box and erase the account from your adventure sheet. remove any savings from the account box on your adventure sheet.  
688 Buy a round…   69 Buy a round…   256 Jon Ingold / Jemimah Reid
700 Ride away…  72 Ride away…  725 Jemimah Reid
737 Hurley Lane… 364 Hurley Lane… 662  
774 Visit the church…  415 Remove option – sadly the church is shut Jemimah Reid
973 “When the producers of wealth grasp their responsibility.”      62 “When the producers of wealth grasp their responsibility.”      64 Victor Matt
1003 Return to Handy Cross…


Continue to the Lane End Road…

Return to Handy Cross…  25


Continue to the Lane End Road…  247

James Spearing / Noah Noutch
Acknowledgements Missing Backers Charles Revello; backer 72.  In the immortal words of Sid Meier, ‘Your service will be remembered’, noble supporter.  I hope that the pleasure you have in enjoying this adventure is also something of a reward.  Happy steaming!


Mervyn Koh; backer 73.  Mervyn, thanks for supporting this Highwayman in his bid for glory.  I hope you find your share of the loot gives you much satisfaction and hours of absorbed adventure.

Kim Sein; backer 74.  To have your help in bringing this project to life has been like seeing old promises kept: thanks for your friendship, Kim.

Charles Revello

REVISED EDITION Errata and Corrections

(These may also apply to copies of first edition)

Passage Number Error Correction
130 Passage missing. The gathered hauliers enjoy your generosity, but you gain nothing more from your gesture. Turn to 79.
279 Passage numbered as 79 279
457 A desperate mother… 438 A desperate mother… 436
665 If it is already ticked, turn to 517 immediately. If it is already ticked, turn to 535 immediately.


An insurance broker… 722 An insurance broker… 721


Leave the common… 5

Leave the common… 575


Victory!  377

Victory 337


Score 7-8

Score 7-10