The Touring Guide

Looking for larger, more detailed maps to help you navigate through the world of Steam Highwayman? Keen to have a definitive list of all the pubs, inns, taverns and hostelries in the first three volumes, helping you reach that lofty goal of drinking every beer in the three books? Well, it sounds like you need The Gormley-Watt Velosteamer’s Touring Guide (Number 1) for Marlow, High Wycombe, Henley, Wallingford and London.

The guide contains three A2 colour-printed maps, clearly indicating the explorable routes in each volume, key locations, sites of particular interest and, crucially, the whereabouts of the many pubs. A guide booklet lists those pubs, together with other shops and places to purchase equipment or find repairs, and offers the touring velosteamer several scenic routes through Smog & Ambuscade and Highways and Holloways. The scenic routes are well worth the experience both within the books and in our own time and sphere of existence.

Since the invention of owner-maintainable models in the last decade, and the widespread adoption of coal gas as a motive fuel, the velosteam has become the vehicle of choice for the individual enraptured by distant views, memories of once-glimpsed fields and rumours of isolated hamlets in far-off woods.

F. W. StJ. Gormley-Watt

Steam Highwayman Dice (D6)

“A one… and a highwayman. So a total of seven.”

Our custom D6 are classic 14mm black and white dice, with the six replaced with an engraved silhouette of the Steam Highwayman astride the Ferguson velosteam. These were made for us by the team at Mokko – who can make quite a variety of custom dice for you.