A Book in an Afternoon

A single session might seem a short time in which to produce a complete class adventure book – but believe me – it can be done!  With partly-prepared pages (which can be differentiated to account for SEN and EAL requirements in your classroom) and engaging, speedy writing, a complete book comes together in no time!

An afternoon session will include word games, short writing activities, intensive writing and editing and time to read the newly-created class book.  It is designed to leave the students hankering for more and keen to explore the options presented by choice-based fiction.

The theme, title and setting of your class Write-Your-Own-Adventure Book can be tailored to the current topic or area of study.  Units of work based on Historical studies provide strong foundations for a class writing project, but so can studies based in Geography and Science, with a little imagination!  Here are some examples of titles that could suit your workshop:

  • Ancient Greeks – The Maze of Madness
    • Your class describe adventures in a spooky Labyrinth, avoiding the Minotaur!
  • Vikings – Voyage to Vinland
    • The difficult voyage between islands of the North Atlantic might result in tragedy – or a new homeland!
  • Ancient Egyptians – Into the Pyramid
    • Can the reader survive traps and mazes and find their way to the treasure chamber?
  • World War II – Survive the Blitz!
    • With bombs raining down, can the adventurer find a way to survive the firestorm?
  • Rainforests – The Healing Orchid
    • An orchid with potential to cure disease can be found hidden in the jungle…
  • Polar Explorers – Race to the Pole
    • Survive glaciers, crevasses, ice-storms and whiteouts to be the first to the Pole!

A session will take an entire afternoon or around 2 hours with a single class, but if you wish to book for more than one class in a day, times can be adjusted to suit your timetable.  All materials are provided and prices start from £180 for a single class.  Interested?  Click here to book a session.