Interactive Readings

Reading at Surrey Convivial, October 2017

I love to read and perform from Steam Highwayman!  Reading the book aloud brings the descriptions and the world to life, but it also engages an audience as I ask them to share responsibility for the choices, voting on options.  I like to get duellists to act out a sword-fight (with balloon sabres when available) and usually get most of the audience to roll dice for crucial decisions.  If you are in the audience then you really are the Steam Highwayman.

If you’re interested in having a something different to the interminable tea duels, ostrich races and teapot impersonations at your Steampunk event, please get in contact.  I’ve performed at the Surrey Steampunk Convivial, the Suffolk Steampunk Spectacular and the Essextraordinaire III in, yes, Essex.

Interactive Reading at Suffolk Steampunk Spectacular, July 2018