Long Live the Poetry of Geology!

wpid-img_20151114_114949.jpgYesterday’s review is now live on the London Grip.

Two poets I’ve discovered from the anthology:

Jonathan Davidson, whose ‘William Smith’s Poem’ was one of my favourites;

Maura Dooley, whose ‘Treasure Island’ begins the collection with a nostalgia-tweaking love-of-my-land reflection on the purposes of poetry and geology – and why not all human pursuits?  Aren’t all our disciplines another ‘translation of Truth’s imagination’?

Reviewing in Progress

wpid-img_20151114_114949.jpgThis morning I’ve been enjoying re-reading and reviewing Map: Poems After William Smith’s Geological Map of 1815, edited by Michael McKimm.

I review for the London Grip, edited by my friend Mike Bartholemew-Biggs.  I previously wrote about McKimm’s Fossil Sunshine and enjoyed that very much – but in the upcoming review I discuss how McKimm has shared his discovery of the geology’s rich seam of latent metaphor with other poets, and their diverse responses.